• Important Information for the User

I would like to support what you're doing, What can i do?

If you would like to support us. You can just share this app with your friends and tell them to use it and Rate this app with 5 STARS in Google Play Store.

Click the Rate This App button on Main Screen and Rate this app with 5 Stars in Google Play Store.


If any error in the content what to do?

If you find any error in the content, please mail us at ContactMcqFinder@gmail.com, or Report the error using Report Error Button.

Click the Report Error button on Quiz Page and enter the error details and submit.


Why are some explanations are missing?


It is because we are constantly updating the application, it will be updated regularly. 

How can i contribute to this App?

If you would like to suggest explanation for a question, please mail us at ContactMcqFinder@gmail.com, mentioning the question, answer and explanation. We will update as soon as possible.